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Occupy Wall Street and approximately 470 locally organized Occupations across the nation and here in Western Mass have captured peoples’ imaginations and the headlines. In the words of media sage, Bill Moyers:
“Those “men of action in the capitalist world” were not content with their wealth just to buy more homes, more cars, more planes, more vacations and more gizmos than anyone else. They were determined to buy more democracy than anyone else. And they succeeded beyond their expectations. After their forty-year “veritable crusade” against our institutions, laws and regulations—against the ideas, norms and beliefs that helped to create America’s iconic middle class—the Gilded Age is back with a vengeance.”
But Corporate America’s days are numbered. Finally the American people are taking power into their own hands and standing up for their rights and for real democracy. A healthy majority of citizens in the U.S. support the Occupy Movement. The corporate media and politicians in Washington can no longer ignore what is taking place. We are legion!
On Sunday, November 13 at 10am Valley Free Radio launches their newest weekly show, “Occupy the Airwaves” (OTA).  The hour-long show will feature the latest news from the Occupation Movement, locally, regionally, nationally and around the planet. OTA will have interviews, news & views, and, of course, music & spoken word regarding all the relevant issues. Listeners can participate by calling in and adding their voices to an historic moment in U.S. history.
Mark your calendars. VFR webcasts at www.valleyfreeradio.org or tune to 103.3fm where “free speech is in the air!”