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While it is common knowledge that rhetoric is the language of politics — with political self-serving “spin” serving as the successful lingo which serves to sell or kill bills of either immensely harmful potential, or actual all-encompassing benefit, to the American public — this is the first article I have read in which the exact lingo and spin is actually outlined and explained in terms of what the masses will buy and how to make that happen.

A snippet to whet (or ruin?) your appetite:

When Republicans want to (try to) kill a health care reform bill, Luntz instructs them to refer to it as a “government rationing care,” because that’s the arbitrary phrase that most angers his focus groups. For financial reform, the arbitrary phrase is “permanent bailouts.”

If the masses understood all of this, fully grasped what is happening and dug deeper to comprehend just what exactly as it stake, would it change they way we/they vote? I wonder. I highly recommend a read of this brief article.

[Source: Gawker]