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If such a thing were to pass, thus resulting in the government making a profit (only to then hand out to the banks perhaps?) by charging each protester or protest group a fine, then I predict the end of the corrupt world as we know it. I have to wonder if Scott Walker realizes just how much tonnage of gasoline would dump on the existing fire? Is it possible that anyone in power would even consider such a bill? Is it possible that Scott Walker is not the only politician who ‘sees’ the viability of such a bill?

From Gawker:

Clownish Gov Wants to Charge a Protest Fee So People Will Stop Protesting Him

Koch-head Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s primary achievement during his first year in office: Inspiring a hundreds of thousands of citizens to protest him. It makes him look so bad! Now he wants to charge all those picketing Poors a fee every time they engage in some First Amendment-protected activity that involves showing how much they hate him. [more]

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel shares details of Walker’s new regulations, which went into effect on December 1. We’ll title the lot “The Safe Capitol Requires Expenditure of Wages, the Protection of Everyone, Official Permits, and Liability E-surance (SCREW the PEOPLE) Act of 2012”: