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The end of the 2000s were marked by a catastrophic crash of the illusion of prosperity we had held onto as an unregulated free market fell apart, forcing people out of their homes. During this socio-economic meltdown we saw those who caused this financial meltdown have their bank accounts reimbursed, which was the largest transfer of wealth in history. In light of this we began to see home foreclosures and evictions happening at a rate never seen since the great depression, marking a new nightmare for working class families. Cities like Rochester saw this incredibly hard, which is now home to over 2000 foreclosed homes and a rising homeless population. Out of this crisis has emerged a new national movement, Take Back the Land. With this communities come together to accomplish two goals: resist evictions when they occur and to move homeless families into foreclosed homes.

This stands on one principle: HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT.

Expect Resistance, a documentary film chronicling this movement in New York State and the rest of the country, will present this crisis as it is happening. As the community begins to grow its movement we will see the stories of those who it touched and how they have come together to survive anyway. The documentary will intertwine the real lives of those that have been victims to this financial crumble, activists who have dedicated themselves to resisting this, and even those who may be profiting on this. The center of this story will be the people who are participating, and an intimate look at the measures they will take to defend their homes.

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