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The Pioneer Valley’s very own pride and joy, Rachel Maddow, discusses the recent phenomenon ‘Eviction Resistance’. A short watch, see it here.

Reminiscent of the ‘Eviction Defense’ actions of the Great Depression (a manipulated economic crash orchestrated by Goldman Sachs, the “pioneers in the use of commercial paper, which is just a fancy way of saying they made money lending out short-term IOUs to smalltime vendors in downtown Manhattan”, , similar tactics are beginning to happen with more regularity and, often, success, with many facing eviction resisting with the help of friends, neighbors, and complete strangers, summoned via social media.

The Eviction Defenses of the Great Depression — often resulting in rioting — were initiated by a sort of old-fashioned social media; people spread the word up and down the street and thousands would show up. In this video Rachel discusses past and present Eviction Defense/Resistance — watch now.

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