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The signage of any protest is, taken as a whole comprised of all its parts, an enduring and iconic visual of any movement. Though most all signs ultimately express a common denominator as in a similar sentiment about the seeming class war afoot, each sign is itself a visual and a message of each protestor’s view of the situation or conflict at hand. Occupy Wall Street — though often criticized for lacking cohesion, direction, leadership, or simplicity by way of a central set of tenets for which they protest, a simplified message — has inspired myriad sentiments by way of signage, from Kafka-esque messaging to the more basic, “I’m mad”.

And so I have ‘collected’ (lifted, just like the kleptomaniacs on Wall Street, though I credit the source and there are no victims of this ‘borrowing’ and no ‘adjustable-rate’ mortgages attached) some of that signage here.

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