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The nationally coordinated, brutal police attacks on the Occupy Movement were supported by the 1%, and now we will strike back with our own coordinated attack on the 1% – a West Coast Port blockade and shutdown on December 12th in order to economically disrupt “wall street on the waterfront.”

When we say “Wall street on the waterfront” we point particularly to EGT and Goldman Sachs. The West Coast Ports will be blockaded on December 12th in solidairty with longshoremen and port truckers struggles against EGT and Goldman Sachs.

EGT is an multinational grain exporter consortium. Bunge Ltd is the largest partner in ETG who reported 2.5 billion dollars in profit last year alone and has direct ties to Wall Street and has caused economic despair in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and now the United States. EGT has been rupturing ILWU jurisdiction in Longview, Washington and bringing in scab labor.

We will blockade all the ports on the West Coast in solidarity with the Longshoremen in Longview in their struggle against EGT. We are also blockading the ports in solidarity with the struggle of port truckers against Goldman Sachs. The blockade is also intended to disrupt the profits of the 1% by showing solidarity with those who are under direct attack – exerting the collective muscle of the west coast occupies.

Goldman Sachs owns a large part of the SSA port terminals and is guilty of facilitating the exploitation of non-union and short-run, port truck drivers who have struggled for dignified and humane conditions in the workplace for several years now. These independent truck drivers are majority immigrant workers who are pitted against each other, and receive low wages and unreliable hours while Goldman Sachs, the shipping companies and their underlings reap record profits.

EGT and Goldman Sachs are the 1%. The Occupy movement is committed to shutting down the one percent and is using its collective political power in order to confront the 1% with mass mobilizations that shut down sites of profit.

The giant retail shipping, trucking and global logistics corporations like Wal-Mart, Maersk and Goldman Sachs’ own SSA Marine cooked up a scheme to stick it to America’s port truck drivers long before Wall Street’s greed uprooted Main Street’s middle class. As Salon.com recently exposed, lax oversight and little regulation has created a shadowy industry that denies drivers their legal right to form a union.

U.S. ports have thus become economic engines for the elite; the 1% these trade hubs serve are free to rip the shirts off the backs of the 99% who turn their profits.

As part of the planned demonstrations, we are committed to exposing these systematic injustices. We pledge both our solidarity and ongoing support to the truck drivers who are uniting to win dignity, respect, and control over their work.

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