dewey post eviction 300x200 The OB Media Rundown for 12/13/2011

Beyond the Rhetoric: The Complicated, Brief Life of Occupy Boston

Whatever you think of the Occupy Wall Street’s tactics, methods or politics, one thing is indisputable: the Occupy Wall Street movement make people emotional. Even after wading through confusion to understand how Occupy actually works, people tend to love it or hate it.

And Boston is an emotional city. More than any occupy I visited, passersby would scream and honk in support and derision many times a day.

Occupy Boston: ‘This is a movement of the mind’

Occupy Boston protesters marched back to Dewey Square on Monday. It doesn’t look like the place they remember. Barricades up, police standing guard, walling off the newly planted sod at Dewey Square from the occupiers who took over and called this place home for more than two months.

“I’m glad we’re here just to show that we’re not locked down on a physical property because this is a movement of the mind,” Carlos Ashmanskas of Quincy said, adding that he had camped out since Sept. 30.

Boston counts, counsels homeless

In Downtown Crossing, Mayor Thomas M. Menino and emergency shelter director Jim Greene offered assistance to Courtney Smith, 35, during Boston’s homeless census last night.

Menino and Greene spent several minutes talking to Harris, as an activist passing by with a tray of sandwiches from an Occupy Boston meeting handed him one.

“I’ve been feeding the homeless for a long time,” said the activist, David Lamoso, 30, of East Boston. “We did it a lot in Dewey Square” where Occupy Boston had been located. As the night and the count went on, some homeless residents accepted transportation to shelters, while other refused.

Boston Herald runs photos of arrested Occupy protesters as columnist mocks

Howie Carr: A mug shot is worth a thousand words. And these BPD mug shots from Occupy Boston tell us quite a story, namely, how greasy and dirty you’ll look if you stop bathing for weeks at a time.

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