#OWS Road Trip Arrives Wednesday February 2

Join us for this incredible opportunity
to build inter-occupy solidarity and knowledge

All activities are in Northampton* and are free and open to the public

Thursday February 2nd:

Morning: Skill Share/Training
(Haymarket & Downstairs in Thornes)
Starts at Pulaski Park
6:30: Western Mass General Assembly
(location TBD)
Night: Dance Party to wish our occuVisitors farewell (location TBD)

Friday February 3rd:
Breakfast and debreif

For updates rsvp to the facebook event


You can share the event on facebook, and download the OWS Road Trip Handbill and the OWS Road Trip Poster to print out and distribute to your community.

*While The Occupy Road Trip is visiting Northampton, we recognize this is not the center of Occupy in the Pioneer Valley and hope to hear voices and see faces from people throughout the area.  We look forward to sharing these two days with you as we reflect on the past 6 months and look forward to the Spring.  We encourage folks to carpool and network with their communities to help us take advantage of this great opportunity to collectively strengthen this global movement for social and economic justice

[updated info here too: http://occupynorthampton.com/  ]