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[Our friend Garret threw this proposal out on the Occupy Hartford FB page. Join the discussion. Add your comments below -ed]


We urge that all Occupy General Assemblies nationwide consider the following proposal for adoption and full participation. To facilitate this we urge this be spread by all Occupy networks. Thank you for your consideration.


We propose the following direct action plan for 2012. Each Occupy group that adopts this strategy should try to fulfill each part of the plan to the maximum degree possible:

1) Each Occupy group recommits to nonviolence, including no property destruction.

2) Each Occupy group should encourage affinity group structure and nonviolence training for actions involving civil disobedience. Start training and forming affinity groups as soon as possible.

3) Each Occupier nationwide will plan to free up as much time as possible or otherwise reschedule their life during the month of July 17th to August 17th. Each Occupy group nationwide will plan to pursue a maximum effort during this month-long period, as well. ANY amount of time contributed, or action taken, during the month will add to our impact.

4) We don’t have a single message. We don’t have a single demand. We don’t have a single destination. What we do have is one month for our maximum effort. We’ll act knowing our brothers and sisters around the nation are making their maximum effort at the same time, that we’re part of a unified national and swarm-coordinated movement. Yet, once this plan is adopted nationwide, almost all the work will be done at local and regional levels. There will be no one center or head to decapitate. It becomes a meme. It will be unstoppable.

5) Each Occupy group will choose its mission during this month’s time, but we urge all to strongly consider large scale peaceful civil disobedience actions (perhaps at regional targets) with the following criteria:

a) direct actions by affinity groups with a view toward citizens arrest and stopping normal operation of corrupt criminal enterprises of the 1 percent.

b) force the 1 percent to use their police to arrest us, not hurt us and disperse us. We do this by employing strict nonviolence discipline, patience, large numbers, and transparency.

c) employ to the maximum degree possible, bail solidarity, noncooperation, and insistence on unconditional release. We occupy the jails or holding pens and organize and agitate from there, as well as outside. We model the emerging truth of our closing society.

d) to fill the jails or pens with large numbers of resisters, till the numbers arrested or held nationwide become truly unprecedented and cannot be ignored.

7) Each Occupy group will be flexible and prepared for opportunities. We swarm strategically, not tactically.

8) Each Occupy group commits to maximum solidarity with other’s Occupy groups and Occupiers.


So what do you think?  Garret Schenck