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Paul Ryan, GOP, filthy rich, money out of politics, Occupy Hartford, Hartford, CT, Citizens United, RepublicansWhen we got we got to the action site at 10 am, there were about 50 move-on folks who came dressed as “Millionaires for McMahon,” Republican candidate for Senate down here. They were great, well organized, almost all in costume and playing their role chanting “We are the 1 percent (and you are not!)” etc. As Rebecca said, at one point we went across the road with the Occupy Hartford (OH) banner and were yelling how disgusted we were with the Millionaires on the other side, which got them fired up and chanting their 1 percenter slogans. They had several videos going, and it looks like they are likely to get the bulk of the press, they put on a good show. They had chosen 9am as their start time, we chose 10am, so we overlapped with them for an hour, they left about 11am and we stayed till a bit past noon. There was a third group of about a dozen from NARAL (?).

So at first when we got there Occupiers (as opposed to the “Millionaires”) were definitely outnumbered (as our people dribbled in over the next hour). But when Move-on left around 11, it was great to see we had a good number of mostly CT Occupiers left, at least 30 (counting all of Dan Garrett’s kids, heh). And most everybody seems fired up over next Sunday’s OH birthday party.

Weather was basically grey but dry, a little drizzle right at the very end. Cops were friendly and respectful, and did a good job with traffic, we had no issues. We did get kicked off the patch immediately opposite Chase’s gate, but anybody going by knew something was going on there, with the police cars with flashers, etc. Lots of great signs, with Cassie’s Burma-Shave signs being personal favorite. Jay got a lot of pics of Occupiers with his great Chase-Ryan sign, hope to see those soon!

It was our first OH action in a while, other than the national and regional stuff, and along with Occupy Monsanto yesterday, demonstrates OH is alive and kicking! There were a number of ONH and Occupy Shoreline/ONL folks, pretty much the core Occupy New England group minus Worcester. It felt great to be out with familiar faces and some not seen in several months, since NatGat or F29/Pfizer, or even all the way back to last October!

– Garett