Stop Tar Sands Pipeline
Over 50 people concerned about stopping climate change attended one of three valley rallies yesterday at ExxonMobil gas stations–and 30 students marched in black as a human pipeline to the Amherst Common from UMass Amherst to protest a plan by ExxonMobil and Canadian oil companies to ship tar sands oil from western Canada to Montreal, and then down through northern Vermont and New Hampshire to Portland,
Maine, to then be shipped and sold overseas.
Tens of thousands are expected to rally in Portland on Jan. 26 and Washington DC on Feb. 17 to urge President Obama to deny permits to use this existing pipeline as well as to build the Keystone pipeline running from Canada to Texas.   The protests were sponsored by Climate Action Now of western Mass, and 350MA.  More info:  John Berkowitz   413-325-4533 or

So, thanks again for coming out and speaking out to stop climate change, and hope to see many of you in Portland on Saturday and in DC on Feb. 17. Bus info for the regional Portland action is here:

The bus to DC only has about 15 people signed up so far.  If 40 people sign up, the cost is $100 apiece;  if 60 people sign up, it drops to $73.  So please urge people you know to join us and go to DC to urge President Obama to walk his talk (in his inaugural address he
putclimate change right on top of his agenda for the next 4 years) , and reject any and all Tar Sands pipelines!