The proposed Kinder Morgan/TPG fracked gas pipeline would ram a large new gas pipeline through Berkshire & Franklin Counties and across the rest of northern Massachusetts. The project is fraught with problems in this age of climate chaos [see this] but what about problems with existing gas pipelines?

The proposed pipeline.

In a study undertaken for Sen. Markey it was discovered that gas distribution companies in 2011 reported releasing 69 billion cubic feet of natural gas to the atmosphere, primarily comprised of methane, a greenhouse gas that is at least 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. This is almost enough to meet the state of Maine’s gas needs for an entire year and equal to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of about six million automobiles. Nonetheless, last year these companies replaced just 3 percent of their distribution mains. Gas companies have little incentive to replace these leaky pipes, which span about 91,000 miles across 46 states, because they are able to pass along the cost of lost gas to consumers. Nationally, consumers paid at least $20 billion from 2000-2011 for gas that was never used! Methane gas that is contributing to the Climate Crisis.

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