5 worst governors who put rich corporations and CEOs before students and schools

Posted June 6, 2014

By Amanda Litvinov and Colleen Flaherty

What do the governors of Florida, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Wisconsin and Michigan have in common? Yes, they were all elected in 2010. And since taking office, all have shown time and again that they are willing to put the wants of rich corporations and CEOs before the very real needs of the students who attend their public schools.

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That’s why they all made our list of the five worst governors when it comes to enacting laws on behalf of the wealthiest at the expense of public schools and the working families who rely on them.

When we sat down to compile this list, we realized that no infographic was big enough to contain all the wrongs these fellas have done to public education in their states. So we had to boil their records down to a couple of the “lowlights.” We also realize that there are other governors who should be named here (you narrowly escaped this post, Gov. Kasich).

It’s just a start, but please share these graphics to help others see what these governors stand for. After all, they also share this in common: They all face re-election this fall!

#5: Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Scott meme

#4: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett

Corbett meme

#3: Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

Brownback meme

#2: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Walker meme

#1: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Snyder meme