Does student debt have you feeling like just a number?
You are not alone!
Over 40 million Americans are currently holding student loans, and most of us are confused about how we got here and what to do about it.
Through our Campaign for a Debt-Free Future, Jobs with Justice is working to solve the debt crisis.  We are educating debtors about their options for individual relief and taking to the streets to demand collective action to get greed out of our education system!

Here are two ways to get involved this month:
1.       Get the Information you need!
Sunday, June 15th
12 – 1:30 PM
@ SEIU Local 32 BJ SEIU 615
26 West St, Downtown Boston
What is the difference between the loans available to me? Can I reduce my debt? How do I get help if I’m having a hard time paying off my loan? Why is there so much student debt in this country to begin with? How can we fix our higher education system so future generations won’t have to deal with this problem? Join current and future students, alumni, and parents for a teach-in to cut through the confusion!
or contact Gillian at 617-524-8778 or
This event is free & open to all!
2.       Fight Student Loan Profiteers!
We need to keep up the pressure on the US Department of Education to take the steps necessary to end the loan crisis – including ending their contracts with the big banks. Join us for a rally to demand a debt-free future:
Rally for Student Loan Justice!
June 25
U.S. Department of Education NE Regional Headquarters
5 Post Office Square
Boston, MA 02110
Time TBA – Email for more information.
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