** MONDAY AUGUST 4TH, 2014 – 8:30 AM
68 Rochelle St, Springfield, MA
[Blockader’s willing to risk arrest need to arrive by 7:30 AM and attend a preparation meeting Sunday @ 8PM]

Wells Fargo/HSBC: Don’t Evict, Sell Alex Back His Home for the Current Value!

Wow, just as we were beginning to get ready to mobilize for Jeff Solivan’s eviction blockade vs. Fannie Mae and mobilize for our action in Providence August 14, Wells Fargo has struck again. Yesterday in housing court, we met Alex Richardson who is being evicted by Wells Fargo & HSBC. They have ordered a no-fault eviction for next Monday August 4th, 2014 @ 9:00 AM.

After leaving the court, Alex came down to the SNOL office and we immediately began talking about a potential eviction blockade. Within hours, Alex was ready to fight, not just for himself but against the whole system that is throwing thousands of people into the streets unnecessarily. We also got on the phones with Boston Community Capital who quickly pre-approved him for a loan to repurchase his home.

Our Leadership Team has authorized an eviction blockade for Monday morning to defend this home! Join us! WE WILL BLOCK THIS EVICTION!



About Alex's Fight Against HSBC/Wells Fargo
Alex has lived in his home and raised his family and 5 children there since 1983. He first moved into the house as a tenant, and then bought the home in 1988. He has put an enormous amount of work into renovating the property and the apartments upstairs.
Alex is a retired Springfield Fire Fighter of 18 Years, who retired after a serious spine injury to his back. Since then he has gone back to school to get his Bachelors in Business Administration and his Masters in Educational Administration from American International College. Since retiring he has also began teaching as a substitute teacher in the Springfield Public Schools and continues to be a district-wide substitute for the Springfield Public School System in Math, Science and English.

Like millions of others, Wells Fargo gave Alex the run around when he fell behind on his mortgage due to a problem with his pension from the fire department that left him in significant debt. Wells Fargo refused to work with Alex on a modification, despite him having continued income.

Now Wells Fargo and HSBC Bank have moved to evict Alex from his home which serves as a safe haven for his granddaughters' and daughters. Yesterday he was pre-approved by Boston Community Capital for a loan to repurchase the home at current market value. We have sent a demand to Wells Fargo to call off the eviction to give time for his application to be processed and to avoid another unnecessary eviction and vacant home. There are already 3 vacant homes on Rochelle Street.



Jeff Solivan has been facing eviction for some time now, but because of drawn-out court processes, it has been difficult to anticipate the exact timeline.  Even now, it’s impossible to tell exactly when the eviction will take place, so we can only make a calculated guess.  This makes it hard to mobilize a blockade, so we want to keep you as informed as possible so that when the Sheriff does come to evict Jeff, we are prepared to come out in force and stop the eviction from moving forward.

Here’s the update: Until now, Jeff has been trying to appeal Fannie Mae’s motion to evict.  In June, the court told him that he needed to pay $800 per month to keep the appeal going.  Since he is on a fixed income and living off of Social Security payments, Jeff was unable and unwilling to pay that sum. Jeff has maintained for more than two years, that Fannie Mae should turn the house into an affordable rental for 30% of his income or donate it to an organization that will do the same. Yesterday, Jeff received a notice that Fannie Mae was going to schedule a court date to have the appeal dismissed and to file a motion for execution, which gives them permission to evict with 48-hour notice.  If that motion is granted, they can serve that notice to Jeff at any time.  We anticipate that this entire process will take at least two weeks, and possibly more, meaning that the eviction will likely be in the 2nd half of Augusts.  However if they push to go through all of the court
processes in the same day, it could take as little as a week.  Jeff is prepared to mobilize and take the struggle to the streets when the time comes, and we all need to be ready to stand with him and fight for his right to stay in his home and pay an affordable rent.

Moving forward:  Monday, August 11th from 4:00-8:00pm we will be having Part 2 of the Blockades Training at our office at Jeff's house at 32 Edgemont St. in Springfield or if it rains, at our office at 29 Oakland St in Springfield.  This training is MANDATORY for anyone who is planning to risk arrest at the eviction blockade.  RSVP by Friday August 8th.

We are also planning a COURT PROTEST for the date of the hearing to dismiss Jeff’s appeal.  This date is not set yet, but will most likely be sometime next week.  Please keep checking your email and social media in the coming days for updates!

This is a difficult time for Jeff and his family, they need our support now more than ever!

Also THURSDAY, AUGUST 14th we will be going down to Providence, RI for the Northeast Regional Action against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to demand that FHFA director Mel Watt create substantive change to federal affordable housing policy.  A carpool caravan will be leaving from our office at 29 Oakland St in Springfield at 9:30am. Please RSVP if interested!

The struggle continues,

Springfield No One Leaves