class-warfare5Tzipora Lederman, from Represent.Us will be on Occupy the Airwaves Sunday,

February 1, 10 to 11am. Represent.Us is the movement to end corruption.

“America’s anti-corruption laws are dangerously out of date. With so many perfectly legal ways to exchange money in return for favorable treatment from politicians, “quid-pro-quo” bribery has become obsolete. Our broken system requires the people to buy access to their own government — This is the new face of corruption in the United States.

“In November, 2014, Tallahassee, Florida passed America’s first municipal Anti-Corruption Act to protect their government from Big Money’s influence. In cities throughout New Jersey, Massachusetts and Illinois, Represent.Us Chapters helped pass Anti-Corruption Resolutions, laying the groundwork for national change.
We are building on this momentum to pass Anti-Corruption Acts in several cities and states across the nation in 2015 and 2016, each supported by locally organized Represent.Us chapters. Represent.Us chapters create real, non-partisan, grassroots political power from the bottom up.”