Something breathtaking is happening in Washington. 700 people have been arrested over the last three days, demanding a democracy that works for everyone, not just the billionaires and corporations who fund our elections. 

Yesterday, leaders from the movement for black lives united with allies to rally and march to the Capitol, where we refused to leave until Congress took immediate action to end corruption or arrested another 100 people standing up for an equal voice.

Momentum is on our side. Today, we have labor leaders and members of Congress coming out to lift up the voices of working people. Tomorrow, students and youth will be centered, and on Saturday, we’re focusing on climate justice. Every day is an opportunity to draw connections between the struggles our country and communities face on all fronts and the urgent fight for a real democracy that represents the people.

Help us make this opportunity explode. Share this graphic and commit to tell 10 people about what’s happening in Washington.

This is our chance. So many pieces are in place. So much work has been done to make Democracy Spring a breakthrough moment for our country. We have to do everything we can, right now, to turn the tide of legalized corruption — for our communities, for our families, for our children and their children.

Let’s do this. Get down to DC and help us make history. Come to a training. Risk arrest. Join the Movement.

With hope,

Curt & the DS Team

P.S. Organizing 700 people to get arrested takes food, water, copies, vehicles, hotspots, legal support… you get the picture. Help chip in $3 to support the mass sit-ins to save democracy.