The REAL reason that Obama was willing to come to Britain to persuade us to stay in the EU – TTIP


The following video published by Wikileaks and narrated by John Pilger and Julian Assange explains how the United States, having lost their dominance in the World Trade Organisation have set about forming huge multi-lateral ‘Trade’ Partnerships around which together account for more than 50% of World GDP.  These agreements exclude any of the Countries such as China, India and Brazil that forced a form of democracy in the WTO and removed the total dominance of the USA.

The USA’s answer was to form several new ‘Trade’ Organisations that would dominate World Trade and thereby by-pass the WTO.   They are at present negotiating TPP, TTIP and TISA agreements which includes most of the World’s economies in various geographical groups but which ALL are dominated by the United States.  The Countries that are excluded are such as China, Russia and South Africa and any other Country with increasing World Trade.  The do not want to make the mistake again of losing control as they did with the WTO.

This, in effect, gives the United States, the total right to sue any National Government whom they consider to be restricting their right to make a profit in any field they see fit including all public concerns such as transport and public health.  These disputes will NOT take place in any International Court but by Arbitration led by a caucus of Corporate Lawyers placed by the Corporations.

Cameron did not have to BEG Obama to come over and try to persuade us to stay in the EU.  It is ESSENTIAL for the scheme as the break-up of the EU caused by Britain seceding will completely upset at least two of these multinational ‘stitch-ups’.

Despite the bleatings of some of the ‘Remain’ Group that we would be ‘Unpatriotic’ to vote to leave; the reverse is true.  To stay in the EU and ultimately to dominance by a World Wide Corporate oligarchy would remove ANY form of sovereignty left to us by the EU.  Patriotism would be a moot point’