Thanks a lot!

It’s that time of year once again when we reflect on what we have to be thankful for and…….not. With that in mind let us gather about and let the Almighty have it.

Thanks for giving us some weeks to dig bunkers in out of the way places and stockpile provisions to last at least two, probably four years of contemplative seclusion from the “reality” television show that is about to join us in the actual reality we live in, such as it is. Thanks for the invention of sedatives or whatever psycho-pharmaceuticals make us feel like we really don’t need to walk in front of a speeding bus just yet or, better yet, make us feel like superheroes bent on vanquishing evil from the land. Thanks for progressive minded comedians who now have an endless supply of material from which to remind us why the line between the ship of state and the ship of fools is infinitesimal.

Also, thanks to the DNC for proving what we believed to be the case all along and giving us the opportunity to pull Bernie Sanders out from underneath the bus they threw him under so we could dust him off, turn him around and send him directly back at them. And thanks to either election hackers or far too many of our fellow citizens, or both, for proving to the world, once again, that anyone, we mean anyone, can become President of the United States of America.

Thanks for listening & happy Thanksgiving!

  • d.o.