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No Fracked Gas in Mass!


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Occupy the Roads


Occupy Sandy


Occupy Franklin County

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Activate CT


Climate Action Now MA


Student Debt Campaign

Coordinating students and those protesting student debt nation-wide.


Several organizations are dealing with student debt in the U.S. —, Occupy Student Debt Campaign, and Occupy Colleges among others. This hub will coordinate these different organizations, anticipating a meet up at the Student Power Convergence in August in Columbus, OH. The hub was borne out of discussions at the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia from June 30- July 4. Potential projects include implementing a student union structure based on Montreal, collaborating on regional and national congresses, and spreading messaging campaigns around the “red square” symbol.

Since this hub coordinates several organizations, the websites and Facebook groups of these organizations will be listed in this hub — but the hub is a broad coordinating body.|


Wednesday, 10/17/2012 7:00 pm USA Eastern Time
Occupy Boston RadioOBR.FM
Rebroadcasts the following Monday at 10:00 am and Wednesday at 7:00 am. Will go up to the archive (and the Podcast feed) approximately 10 days from the original broadcast.

FSU Programs typically are posted as podcasts about 8 to10 days after the original broadcast.  You can subscribe to our podcast feed, and have them delivered right to your iTunes, or Juice, or some other podcatcher.  There is a link to our Podcast feed on the right-hand side of our blog, or you can go directly to the Feedburner site, and sign up there.

Information about The FSU Program and Occupy Boston Radio

Occupy Boston Radio is currently available by internet only.  You can reach us at or, or by going to and choosing “Radio” from the red menu bar at the top of the page.  Once on the page, click the “play” arrow on the radio player control app to begin listening.   (If you have a device, like an iPhone, that can’t use Flash, there’s a link there for that, too.)

Check out our Blog at

FSU-RADIO is an educational series by Occupy Boston’s Free School University. Our goal is to form an autonomous zone and share skills needed to maintain that, to entertain educate and enliven Occupiers and the general public. Our purpose is to provide support and space for skill sharing and sharing basic info regarding Occupy Boston and to encourage self-organization, teaching, and learning opportunities.

Our Wednesday program consists of TALK radio featuring educational content such as lectures, panel discussions and interviews.

Host: David Knuttunen (guest hosts from time to time)

Time: WED 7-8pm USA Eastern time.  (Rebroadcasts the following Monday at 10:00 am and Wednesday at 7:00 am.)

To propose a guest for the program, email, or call David Knuttunen 617-558-5853.


Amherst Fair Housing


Forgotten Navajo People

Don Yellowman, President
P O Box 1289 Tuba City, AZ 86045
Cell #: 928 401-1313


Dave Rovics’ Prism Album


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