DNC Leak Reveals MSNBC, NY Times Sabotaged Sanders


“In January, Maddow was defending Bernie Sanders, refuting Hillary’s claim he was the first to “go negative” by bringing up her Wall Street contributions. Maddow did this right to Hillary’s face, in fact. But following an off-the-record meeting between DNC brass and MSNBC president Phil Griffin, Maddow by mid-May began urging Sanders to drop out of the race on the air, and even played a stock footage clip of flying chairs to support accounts that Bernie supporters got violent and threw chairs during the Nevada Democratic Convention. Those accounts have since been proven false.

Maddow continued withering attacks on Sanders for weeks, even reading anonymously sourced hit pieces about him on the air as she beat the drums for his concession.

In light of the damning leaks, the DNC has fired four officials to date, but the media hasn’t yet confessed to slanting coverage to favor one candidate.”