Sunday May 28, 10–11am on OTA:  Rebroadcast of Eleanor Finley on the democratic-feminist movement underway in Rojava, Syria.


Occupy the Airwaves continues the occupy tradition of bringing together people dealing with seemingly disparate social issues. Through our on air conversation we hear from our guests who are most involved in the issues, make connections and elicit support from our listeners to engage in creating grassroots and systemic solutions.


Any activists in the 5 College Area of WMass who were, or still are
involved in the historic Occupy movement may be interested in an
opportunity to join the Occupy the Airwaves (OTA) collective to help
with broadcasting & production of the show. Occupy the Airwaves on
WXOJ-LP, Valley Free Radio has been reporting on and participating in
Occupy Wall Street since the beginning. Over the intervening years OTA
has followed the movement around the region and across the nation and
the world. If you have tuned in to the show on Sundays at 10AM on
103.3fm or to the webstream and if you have visited the OTA blog or
Facebook page (see below) you probably are aware of the breadth of
issues the show covers. If you think this media resource is valuable
here is the opportunity to keep it up and running.

A key member of the OTA collective needs to cut back on his
participation and another has had to move on, leaving us short
staffed. If Occupy the Airwaves is to continue on more people are
needed to make that possible. No radio experience is necessary but
training is available to those who care to learn. If this sounds
interesting to you, or if you know someone who might like to help OTA
carry on, please respond to this message below or pass this message on.

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